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COFFEE BREAK | Meet The Google A.I. That Can Play Piano Duets With You

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You’ll never be a lonely pianist again.

Google is one step closer to giving lonely pianists a new best friend. Google, the same company hard at work on a developing a self-driving car, has developed an online artificial intelligence tool that can improvise melodies in real time as you play along with it.

It was developed by Yotam Mann, a musician/developer with the Google Creative Lab’s Magenta Project from the Google Brain team. “Can we use machine learning to create compelling art and music? If so, how? If not, why not?”

In the video, Mann describes the project as a way to create collaborative music using neural networks. Rather than relying on traditional coding based on musical “rules” to accompany a live player, the A.I. learns from what your playing and comes up with its own interpretations based what it hears. A.I. Duet was trained to make its own decisions and can play and interpret any music, no matter how good you are.

How does it sound? Well, the results sound a little like a cat walking across the keyboard, but the potential is there.

You can try it yourself here.

Don’t expect any concert worthy performances from this robot hivemind, but it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon with a collaborative pianist who won’t judge you.



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