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COFFEE BREAK | Chicken Plays “America the Beautiful” On The Piano, Because, Why Not?

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Chickens can play piano now, apparently.
Chickens can play the piano now, apparently.

The internet has done it again. We’d like to introduce you to Jokgu the chicken. He’s a Brahma chicken who can play the piano better than most. But with all the turmoil that is going on with our neighbours to the south, we could all use a video of a patriotic fowl pecking out “America the Beautiful” on the piano to cheer us up.

Jokgu is one of two chickens that make up The Flockstars, a band of chickens. They are trained to play music by a similar reward system used to train dogs, which, in this case, involves a lot of chicken treats.

These musical chickens must be doing something right too because their Facebook Page has way more than ours does. Chickens folks. Chickens…

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