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COFFEE BREAK | Listen to Mozart's Own Violin (It Sounds Wondrous)

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The holy grail of violins: Performer plays Mozart's own violin.
The holy grail of violins: Performer David Fulmer plays an excerpt of Mozart’s Violin Sonata in C  K296 on Mozart’s own violin.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart owned a lot of musical instruments over his lifetime. His personal harpsichords, violas, and three violins are currently housed at the Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, a museum dedicated to preserving all things, Mozart.

One of the most prized instruments in the collection is known as “the Klotz violin”.  Mozart used the violin to perform and compose with, and was a personal favourite. It was brought to the US for the first time in 2013 by composer and violinist David Fulmer.

“It is incredible because not only did Mozart use this as a performer but also as a composer,” Fulmer says in the video. “On this very violin, he wrote and played his five violin concerti, and the monumental masterpiece Sinfonia Concertante K. 364,”

The violin was made by a member of the Klotz family of violin makers in Mittenwald, Southern Bavaria.

Mozart eventually abandoned the instrument in Salzburg before travelling to Munich for the premiere of his Idomeneo. Musicologists speculate that he may have intended to returning to his native Salzburg to retrieve the violin at some point,  but never did.

A priceless artifact, for sure.

Take a listen to it here:

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