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Priority parking for musicians in Toronto?

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After studies showing the significant impact of the music industry on tourism, many cities have been busy coming up with ways to better attract musicians to their cities in a bid to make them more “musician friendly”.

This week the city of Seattle started taking steps to make it easier for musicians to load gear in and out of venues by creating reserved priority parking for, (wait for it) musicians.

So far only five venues in Seattle are taking part in the pilot program, which involves modifying nearby load and unload zones with branded signs reading ‘Priority Musicians Loading & Unloading’.

“Seattle’s music scene is a critical part of our city’s cultural draw and the quality of life in our city,” said Seattle Mayor, Ed Murray. “We want to better serve local music venues’ needs and the musicians that play there.”

In December, Toronto City Council endorsed the creation of a new advisory group to guide its initiatives supporting the economic and cultural development of Toronto’s music industry.

The Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council will meet to discuss opportunities and challenges, exchange ideas, provide input and advice, and develop recommendations, which just might include ideas like Seattle’s musician parking initiative.

Rob Ford was quoted, “We are moving quickly to create jobs and economic development by supporting Toronto’s internationally respected music industry. The new advisory council will broaden the City’s working relationship with the music sector to help ensure we move forward in a direction that best serves its businesses and artists.”




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