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Robert Lepage wins 10th Glenn Gould Prize

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The Glenn Gould Prize jury today named Canadian theatre, opera and film director and theatrical producer Robert Lepage as its 10th laureate and recipient of a $50,000 cheque.

Glenn Gould Foundation executive director Brian Levine described Lepage as, “an artist whose dreams have expanded the realm of possibility and whose work transcends all boundaries.”

“It is a good thing to celebrate excellence but I do think it is important to define what “excellence” is. For me, the excellence of an artist should not be measured only by his successes and achievements but also by his courage and capacity to constantly put himself in danger,” stated Lepage in a press release. “Trial, error and at times even public humiliation are as much part of the process of defining one’s uniqueness. It means surviving both the highs of being ahead of the curve and the defeated feeling of trailing behind.”

“I am deeply honoured by this prestigious and generous accolade. As I know Glenn Gould did, I believe there is such a thing as a culture of the North and as I was walking to work this morning trying to fight my way through the heavy blizzard that had invaded my fair city, I could somewhat sense his presence in the howling wind and the vanishing footsteps I was clumsily following in the snow,” Lepage added.

The laureate is asked to name a person to receive the City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protégé Prize of $15,000. That announcement as well as the prize ceremony will take place at a later date.

The foundation states that the Glenn Gould Prize is intended to go, “to a living individual for a unique lifetime contribution that has enriched the human condition through the arts,” and that the prize, “promotes the vital connection between artistic excellence and the transformation of lives. ”

The previous recipient of the biennial prize was Leonard Cohen, in 2011.

John Terauds

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