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Globe and Mail's Robert Everett-Green leaves music criticism for feature writing

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Yesterday afternoon the Globe and Mail’s Robert Everett-Green sent out an email announcing that he was stepping down as music critic and turning his hand to feature writing. Since he was nominally reviewing classical music, Toronto is now officially without staff classical music coverage in traditional media — newspapers, radio and television.

It’s all freelance, all the time.

According to Everett-Green’s email, he is being replaced on the art music beat by longtime CBC Radio host (and onetime frequent freelance critic to the Globe and Mail) Robert Harris, who introduced himself today with a little opinion piece on the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s new season, which opens tonight.

Everett-Green wrote:

After writing quite a lot of music reviews over the past 13 years, I’ve decided I need a change. Fortunately, my editor Gabe Gonda has granted my wish, and fulfilled the promise implied by the one who made me a music critic in the first place: “This doesn’t have to be a life sentence.”

As of today, I’m no longer a music critic, but a feature writer in the Globe’s Life and Arts section. In this role, I expect to write about music and performance from time to time, but not as a reviewer.

John Terauds

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