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CBC announces cuts to 650 jobs, need to advertise on Radio 2 and Espace Musique, in face of Harper budget cuts

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Thanks to the Harper government’s decision to cut $115 million in funding over the next three years, the CBC has just announced that it will cut 475 jobs this year, growing to 650 over the full three years.

It has also applied to the CRTC to allow advertising on Radio 2 and its French-language ounterpart, Espace musique.

In making the announcement, CBC CEO Hubert T. Lacroix said the government funding cuts, inflation and other costs put the real need for revenue over the next three years at $200 million.

“We expect to be able to offset that with $50 million in new revenues, which leaves us with about $150 million to account for by way of reductions and operating improvements,” Lacroix stated in a new release.

All the details, as laid out by Lacroix, can be found here.

Lacroix insists that the budget cuts don’t mean that the CBC will try to do more with fewer people. Instead, as the details show, the broadcaster will do less with fewer people.

Music lovers of all stripes will feel the difference in a reduction in the number of concerts the CBC records for radio broadcasts.

The cuts also probably preclude any expansion or improvements in the new online channels the CBC launched in the new year.

John Terauds

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