Here’s a novel way to deal with pesky audience noise.

Rob Elliott

Cheeky Toronto visual artist Rob Elliott, whose gimlet-eyed view of the world I appreciate, happens to be a fan of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

He and his wife loved last week’s spectacular programme led by conductor John Storgaards, but were less than impressed with the audience (which, on the night I was there, included a cell phone noise that ruined the maestro’s downbeat on the opening piece).

Or, as Elliott puts it in his sketchbook/blog, You Windy Rathole, “Every time I attend the symphony, I fear my brain is going to explode before the concert is over.”

So he has come up with an alternate seating plan to deal with the problem (click on the illustration if you want to make it bigger):

Rob Elliott illustration

John Terauds

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3 Responses to A Toronto Symphony fan suggests new seating plan for pesky Roy Thomson Hall patrons

  1. renaissancemaniac says:

    Kudos Rob…perfecto!

  2. renaissancemaniac says:

    Bravo Rob, encore!

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